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How can you be Shore?

The current situation with a lack of drivers UK wide has hit the supply chain hard.
Shore Logistics have been working very hard with our customers to ensure this doesn’t impact on the service we provide. We never forget that our success and reputation rely on our drivers, and we know that you need this loyalty and support from us to get the job done.

We are proud of our customer portfolio supporting us since we started in 2011, and this enables us to offer our sub-contractors or subbies (some who have been with us for 11 years) varied and exciting work from Felixstowe, London Gateway and Southampton and all at excellent rates of pay.

Everyone who works with Shore is part of the family, and like all families we are here to offer support and help when required and assist where we can to ensure our sub-contractors grow with us. Together the future is bright: very bright.

Our new initiative attracting more women to join us or train as subbies has drawn a lot of interest. Our MD, Natalie Caraccio, is only too aware of being a female presence in a male dominated industry, and she is living proof that it can not only be done, but can be done well.

Whatever your background…call or email us for a no obligation chat. Maybe it’s time for your next adventure. With Shore Logistics to look after you every step of the way.

Adaptability, loyalty, responsibility. Not just to our customers, but to the people who deliver for us.

Driver / Subbie Opportunities

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Shore Logistics Ltd. have been a reliable supplier to our Company for a number of years. The professional service they provide to us has been integral to our business and gives us confidence in offering a first class service to our customers.

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